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Berk Hydraulic Systems Ltd Co started to business life as a small workshop inside Kadosan Industrial Site in
Istanbul Dudullu Organized Industrial Area in 1996.

Our determined purpose of establishment is the maintenance and revision of hydraulic piston pump and cast body gear pump.

In time we have developed our company to supply the spare parts of industry and construction hydraulic
machineries, hydraulic piston pumps, and cast body hydraulic gear pumps in an economic and fast way. We have a 20
year business experience in the industry. Our principle is to serve to you in piston and gear pumps with our expert
staff with quality and reliable service.

The principles of Berk Hydraulic Systems Ltd Co; to produce the fastest and most economic solution for any gear
pump, hydropump or piston pump brought to our company

After the mobile sector Berk Hydraulic Systems Ltd Co continues to develop in industrial hydraulics and maritime
hydraulics. We are giving maintenance and repair service to the hydraulic pumps, hydromotors, gear pumps of
concrete pumps, mixers, cranes, forklifts, injection machines, shovels and of many other machines. We will continue to
serve you anywhere in Turkey and world for your maintenance needs of gear pump and piston pumps. We are always
at your service with our experts and engineers for any technical info, project and production related with gear pumps
and piston pumps.

Berk Hydraulic Systems Ltd Co has a wide range of spare parts as follows

* Sauer piston pump, hydromotor and spare parts.

* Linde piston pump, hydromotor and spare parts.

* Rexroth piston pump, hydromotor and spare parts.

* Permco gear pump, hydromotor and spare parts.

* Closed loop (circuit) piston pump, hydromotor and spare parts.

We are the authorized distributor of cast body gear pumps of PERMCO AG – USA, a worldwide brandname, in
middle east since 2001. We started to serve the construction machinery users with PERMCO branded cast body gear
pump, flow dividers and dump pumps. You will have great savings of costs and time because PERMCO gear pupms
can be repaired with rich spare parts stocks. Berk Hydraulic Systems Ltd Co will continue to be your solution partner
in gear pumps and piston pumps.

Today, we are making import-export with many European and USA companies in our own service and workshop
inside Dudullu Organized Industrial Area

And we strive to answer the question; how can we serve better?

Piston Pumps and Motors

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Piston Pumps and Motors

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