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Roller Bearing Gear Pumps and Motors

Bushing Gear Pumps and Motors

Flow Dividers

              SPV 2/033...166 series pumps (SPV 20/21/22/23/24)
              SMF 2/033...166series motors (SMF 20/21/22/23/24)
              90 R 055...180 series pumps
              90 M 055...180 series motors

    We have a wide spare part inventory, motor and pumps for hydrostatic systems frequently used in mobile hydraulic

    In our workshop we give maintenance and repair services for your defective pumps and motors with original spare
 parts. And our service department will be with you wherever necessary in Turkey to solve your problems


Piston Pumps and Motors

Rexroth Pump and Motors

Piston Pumps and Motors

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